How Do Keywords Still Matter in 2018 for Internet Marketing?

Ok, so its 2018 and SEO is as important (if not more important) than ever. But do some of the tactics and strategies of yesteryear still work today?
In this article we’ll dig into “keywords” as they relate to ranking for specific phrases and topics, and whether or not things like optimizing for 1-2 keywords per page, keyword densities, and the like are still important.

The Debate Rages On

Amongst SEO specialists there has been serious debate regarding the rise of natural language processing (NLP), machine learnings and semantic analysis of content, and how this is applied to the various internal ranking algorithms at Google…and yes, there are a bunch of them.

Gone are the days of a single (arguably easy to manipulate) ranking algorithm. Today, Google employs what could be considered microservices of a multitude of ranking algorithms that work in concert with the core algorithm to make ranking decisions in the SERPS.

Think “Hummingbird”, “Rankbrain” and the like, just to name a couple.
So with all those in mind, where do keywords fall in terms of a ranking signal, and what type of importance do they have in today’s SEO strategy?

Semantic Analysis

What we can tell you from analyzing MILLIONS of websites in Google is that the idea of ranking for 1-2 primary keywords per page/post is an outdated concept.
Google has become increasingly more adept at understanding content and matching that to the topical relevancy of a web searcher’s intent…