Why is Localized SEO so Important for me?

The days when people depended on the yellow pages for the contact information of local businesses are far behind us. Whether you like it or not, this is just the way thing are nowadays. All small businesses, including those in Phoenix, are in dire need of a strong online presence. They need to adapt to the times. Otherwise, their entire business model becomes wholly unsustainable.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s performance and visibility. Basically, it seeks to improve your rankings in the search engine results so that potential clients can find your business easier.

This is done in a number of different ways. For instance, one of the most popular tactics is content production and management. This means you will need to post engaging and relevant content on your blog or site on a fairly regular basis. This will let the search engine robots find your site and mark it accordingly. The effects of such a tactic can be rather dramatic, to say the least, as two posts a week can lead to a significant increase in your web traffic.

Another tactic usually used by marketing experts is syndicated social media marketing. Keep in mind that these social media platforms serve as a veritable hub of potential customers who are all inextricably linked to each other. When combined with your site’s content, this particular SEO tactic can generate high-quality leads and site traffic.

The way it works is that you take advantage of the various social media platforms to promote your content.  This means that whenever you post a new article, you will also post it on your business’ various social media accounts. The people who read the content will then be drawn towards your site. It is also worth noting that spending small amounts on sponsored posts will further enhance the reach of your posts.

Localized SEO

Localized SEO entails an adjustment of these SEO tactics so that you can narrow down on your immediate target market. It is an effective method for local businesses looking to saturate the nearby population with a precise marketing scheme. This particular strategy maximizes the ‘near-me’ feature on the search engines.

It is worth noting that Local SEO can not only promote your business’ site but it is also an effective way  to promote your physical store in the area as well. This becomes extremely useful as studies have shown that no less than 70% people who did localized searches ended up visiting the nearby stores they found.

For instance, something as simple as editing your business profile on your social media page to indicate your precise location can definitely have a tremendous impact on your business. This is because the search engine is looking for that specific area.

This article presents readers with a quick explanation of localized SEO and how it can help boost your company’s performance. It delves into the dynamics of this particular internet marketing strategy and why it is specifically designed to help local businesses, including the ones in Phoenix.