The Phoenix Enchanted River Details

Ever wanted to enjoy your hot and warm summer in a cold, clear, and clean river? Do you wonder if a natural river that is worth swimming still exists in this world full of artificial spots? Indeed, the answer is yes. You can still enjoy the cool and clean water from our very own natural river. But what is it and where it is located?

The Phoenix Enchanted River is a royal blue, crystal-like river that can be found in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Phoenix Enchanted River has impeccable saltwater that streams directly to the Ocean. There are also different species of fishes that swim freely in the clear river. The place itself is an epitome of the beauty and calmness of nature. Phoenix Enchanted River is said to be“enchanted” or magical because of its mysteries it covers. The origin of where the saltwater emanates is yet to be discovered

Aside from its majestic physical features, one of the things that made this river interesting is its prominent stories and legends like its water is said to be kept elegant and crystal-like by different magical creatures which some traditions believed that they’re the one responsible for its existence. If you’re a mysterious kind of person then this tourist spot is really suitable for you. The following are some facts about the Phoenix Enchanted River

  1. Up to the present, the exact depth of the Phoenix Enchanted River is still unknown. Several researchers and divers had made efforts to ascertain the depth and its extent but still failed to accumulate its scope due to its vast and complex geography.
  2. The different species of fish swimming in the river is also known to be “mysterious”. Nobody knows where these fishes came from and how they got to the river.
  3. Another baffling fact about these fishes is that they are extremely difficult or almost impossible to be captured by any means.
  4. Although stories of some magical creatures like fairies and mermaids are said to be one the creating this river, the river acquires real and documented mysteries as well.

Hotels and Lounge in Phoenix

Swimming in the enchanted river can be a bit tiring and exhausting, especially after exploring the place, thus these are some of the recommended hotels in which you can be very relaxed:

  1. The Enchanted River Rock Island Resort offers a comfy and cozy place to stay. It is located in the sea body of the place and can only be reached by boat. It takes about 15 minutes to get there from Phoenix Enchanted River itself. They give you one of the best seafood experiences that Phoenix can offer.
  2. The Sibadan Fish Cage Resort has the freshest of the freshest seafood encounter you will have. You will get a chance to catch as many fishes as you want and let their skillful cooks prepare it for you. At the Sibadan Fish Cage Resort, you can also swim alongside their friendly stingrays and big fishes.