Why Using Keywords in 2018 is Important for Businesses

Let’s take a look at an example.

If your primary keyword was “Losing Weight Fast”, you would want to ask yourself what the “intent” was behind that search, as well as what other topics that user might also have an interest in.

The obvious intent would be to literally lose weight fast. But, what we don’t know is “how” they want to do this. So we may offer a paragraph on multiple ways this can be accomplished such as:

• Diet
• Exercise
• Combination of diet and exercise
• Supplements
• Surgery

We may also want to consider the “why” as to the reason behind wanting or needing the weight loss:

• Medical reasons (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc)
• Aesthetic reasons (getting abs, wanting that beach body, etc)
• General health

Each of the aforementioned needs to be mentioned in your article to provide a good semantic, LSI and topical relevancy score that will be highly impactful when it comes to ranking your post on Google.

Keep in mind that each of the aforementioned, are their own “sub-topics” and can easily be explored in depth in their own blog posts. What we are looking to do in this scenario is simply mention them, and perhaps explore the topic with a paragraph, ideally linking to a relevant blog post (on or off your website) that explores the topic in depth.

All other things being equal, Google wants to rank the page that provides the most well rounded and useful article to the end-user.